Starting blog

Oct 1, 2016 ( Feb 11, 2022 更新 )

I created my website as a my portfolio and blog site with my memos and drafts of blog post.

So far, I published some small snippets and articles on Qiita; software tips community popular in Japan, but recently I didn’t publish any memos.

Writing something as a “published article” is a kind of burden. When I make my article to be public, I repeatedly checked and checked my expression and felt tired.

I don’t mean I ended up writing text for software development and computers. Everyday I write something as memos in my local machine intently for myself.

The reason I decided to make these memos and drafts public is that my boss in the office said to me, “These may be useful for someone if they are not perfect.” I found “escapes” from the burden as I publish my memos as just “memos”, not articles. I can make a memo as blog article after I completed writing it.

You can see my memos in memo section on this website. They are just memos to clear up my mind and most of them are written in Japanese at ease. You will also see completed articles in blog section.

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